Jellies For Joy

Join us in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade!

How to Make a Jellyfish Costume

Basic Supplies Needed:
1 umbrella
1 bedsheet other piece of fabric
(large enough to cover your umbrella and drape down 2-3 inches)
1 plastic painters drop cloth


1. Open the umbrella and drape the bedsheet or fabric over the umbrella. Have one person hold the umbrella while the other person trims the fabric to about 3” below the edge of the open umbrella.

2. Drape the plastic painter’s dropcloth over the open umbrella. Trim with scissors so that is approximately 2” above the floor. (allow for the height of the person who will be using the costume. Trimming to 2” above the floor helps prevent tripping when walking with the costume.)

3. Cut the plastic vertically up to towards the umbrella to create strips of plastic. Do this all the way around the umbrella.

4. Staple the plastic & fabric to the umbrella.

You are done! A Basic Jellyfish Costume that will amaze all who see it!

But wait, there’s more:
Feel like adding some deluxe embellishments, danglies & other fun, wavy things to your jellyfish? Go for it! There are no limits – whatever your amazingly creative brain can come up with will be perfect!
Here are some ideas for things to hang from your umbrella:

paper party streamers
colored mylar sheets (available at party stores, cut out wavy lengthwise strips)
strands of beads
bubble wrap (one guy covered the top of his costume in bubble wrap and hung strands down amongst the paper streamers)
leaves, popcorn other stuff threaded onto string
duct tape
dog leashes
…anything else you can think of!


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